I shift audiences.

If you’re looking to create not just an event, but an experience people won’t be able to stop talking about, look no further.

My speaking style is high on inspiration, with a touch of kick in the pants.

Audiences walk away empowered and encouraged with just the right mix of practical tools, inspiration, and concrete steps for putting ideas into action.  Think furious note taking, nodding heads, and cries of “Aha!”

Popular Speaking Topics

4Rs:  Right Strategies to Reconnect, Recalibrate and Recommit

4Rs:  Right Strategies to Reconnect, Recalibrate and Recommit

One of the most important skills in today’s world is the ability to adapt to change and thrive despite the challenges that come your way.

You’re being asked to do more with less.

To juggle yet another ball in your already fast-paced life. To perform in high-energy mode each and every day. To keep on keeping on while not always feeling your efforts are appreciated or make a difference.

The only constant seems to be change … and circumstances are often less than ideal.  You’re feeling stressed, overloaded, and overwhelmed. Some days you don’t bring your best self to the world, your energy is low, your attitude is anything but upbeat.

Depletion, overwhelm, and just going through the motions have an antidote—and that antidote is the 4Rs.

In this highly relevant and entertaining presentation, I help audiences create building blocks of resilience so they can bounce back from setbacks, withstand pressure, and maintain a positive perspective.

With a story-driven style and using practical takeaways, audiences are equipped with a go-from-survive-to-thrive toolkit for any challenge that comes their way!

What’s Putting Up Costing You?What’s Putting Up Costing You?

What energy are you sacrificing? What opportunities are you missing? How is your effectiveness being limited? Your happiness diminished?

In other words—what are tolerations costing you?

Tolerations are things you’re putting up with that occupy space in your mind and drain your energy.  Strikingly, the average person tolerates between 500 to 1,000 things a day!

It’s difficult to live up to your potential when overwhelmed with a multitude of draining tolerations—from over promising at work to always running late; from contending with disorganization to procrastinating on work projects; from an endless To Do list that never gets done to being uncomfortable at networking…

The list of undermining tolerations is nearly endless.

But there is a solution for tolerations that distract you from what’s really important in your life and career.

Join me for just the right mix of inspiration and practical tools to help you—once and for all—deal with those situations in your life that are creating friction and draining your energy.

This workshop will leave you feeling empowered and encouraged, with concrete steps for how to recognize, address, and eliminate the things in life you’re putting up with.

Be warned:  You’ll be dashing home to put your epiphanies into action!

Life Is Short and This Is Not a Dress Rehearsal

Join me for a compelling and fresh message designed to get your mojo back—or get it for the first real time!

Think about your life as a trip you’re taking. 

If you’re barreling down the road of your life, there’s considerable momentum to keep going where you’re headed.  If you’re joyful, fulfilled, and inspired in all aspects of your life, by all means, carry on!  Keep driving!

On the other hand, are you hearing some raLife Is Short and This Is Not a Dress Rehearsalttles?  Does something seem out of kilter?  Are you putting brakes on your own happiness?  Are you keeping the gas pedal pushed all the way to the floor because you’re so adrenaline-ridden from the busyness of life?

If so, then it’s time to pull over, take stock, and intentionally design your life.

Audiences can expect an empowering wake-up call as I connect them with their real dreams, raw aspirations, and the goals they’ve been saving “for later”.

Using all-too-common deathbed regrets as a springboard, this presentation is chock-full of Aha! insights, immediately usable advice, and transformation.

More than a typical motivational speech, this topic is only for those interested in creating genuinely powerful lives and careers.

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