Did you see the bear coming out of the porta-potty?

Did you see the bear coming out of the porta-potty?In the past, I never would’ve clicked to read anything about a bear. Or a porta-potty.

I was too busy and certainly didn’t have time for frivolous.

Which makes me realize this: I’m so much less serious than I used to be.

I laugh more. Play more.

I don’t work as many hours. I take more breaks.

I don’t always have my nose to the grindstone.

Yes, I work hard—when I work.  But I’ve also created lots of space in my life for fun and rest, diversion and doing nothing.  And probably even clicking to see the porta-potty bear.

But it wasn’t always like this.

I used to feel my productivity and worth were one and the same.  So I had to stay focused, on task, busy. All the time.  I had to produce.  And I needed evidence to prove I’d produced.

  • If I ticked lots of items off my To Do list, I was worthy.
  • If I got attagirl feedback from a client, I was worthy.
  • If I burned the midnight oil and exhausted myself, I was worthy.

None of that makes much sense to me now, but it sure did at the time.

And I know this isn’t just my experience.  I hear from clients all the time who are struggling to untangle worth and productivity.  Who want to lighten up and not take it all so seriously.

So how to do it?

I don’t have a simple answer or magic formula.  But I do know this:  You’re worthy just because you’re you.  Regardless of what you get done today.

Beyond that, maybe it’s time to lift your nose from the proverbial grindstone, take a look around at how you’re living and working, and see if a wakeup call is in order.  What are you sacrificing at the expense of efficiency and output?

My wakeup call was realizing I was so focused on the “destination” of getting things done that I was missing out on the many, many moments of the journey getting there.

And let’s face it—most of life is the journey.

Because arriving at the destinations we work so hard for—landing the big client, purchasing the house, receiving the promotion—these destinations are few and far between.

Which means we’d better start enjoying getting there, not just having arrived.

Is there room in your life for a little more laughter and a lot less stress?  Are you missing the journey because you’re so focused on the destination?

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