Links worth clicking: From 6 career rules to ideas are big and scary

On Fridays I share my favorite web finds of the week. Enjoy!

Are you living these six career rules?

I wonder what he’s thinking.

Who knew there were so many ways to be a minimalist.

Are you among the 41%?

Is conscientiousness the single most important personality trait?

Admit you don’t know.

Take this quiz and find out your intuition style.

Love these 10 commandments of transit.

Do you wish you could stay focused and concentrate?

Nature’s slow reclamation is fascinating.

I don’t usually link to animal videos, so you know this one about a little dog and fear must be good.

Do you have a proactive personality?

Yes, ideas are big and scary sometimes.

Live intentionally,

Are you thinking of the wasted years?

  The other day someone shared, “I hate being a CPA, but that’s what my degree is in and I’ve worked in the field for 8 years already, so I really can’t make a change.” Oh, the disheartening weight of that mindset. This type of thinking is a cognitive misstep that behavioral economists call “sunk-cost […]


Mini Mission—Define success for yourself

It’s time to get into action with a mini mission. It’s energy-draining trying to live—and live up to—someone else’s definition of success.  You invariably come up lacking. Or perhaps you achieve some coveted level of success—this size paycheck, that title—only to find you feel sort of empty inside. That’s what happens when we’re lazy about […]


The how will be revealed

We don’t always know the smooth, straight path forward. We may not know it will take 42 steps, in this order, done this way. We often see only the destination in our mind’s eye when a journey begins. We don’t fully see the way or understand the means and manner. It’s OK. It’s OK some […]

Links worth clicking

Links worth clicking: From streak-based behavior to being grateful for your less-than-shiny kitchen

On Fridays I share my favorite web finds of the week. Enjoy! I love reading about streak-based behavior. Do you have a mentor? What kind of maker are you? I think this is brave. Are these your reasons for not creating something? “I want to do something nice for you today.” What do you think—is […]


Mindset: The present is perfect

Lately I’ve been trying on this mindset:  The present is perfect. I have to admit, I’m still practicing this one, still wrapping my mind around it. Because there’s a part of me that wants to say, “Yeah, but…  The present would be perfect IF…”  It’s a whole other thing to say the present is perfect—regardless […]