Links worth clicking: From the loveliness of vulnerability to making “No” your default

On Fridays I share my favorite web finds of the week. Enjoy!

The loveliness of vulnerability.

Is grit what it takes?

Are your ideas like uninvited guests?

The beauty of paper prayers.

These books will give you an itch to travel.

The downside of empathy.

Can an office force work-life balance?

This is the most brilliant idea ever…and it will bring tears to your eyes.

My favorite is #9:  Show up even when you don’t want to.

Your brain is always monitoring for meaning.

A story of my own journey.

Make “No” your default.

Live intentionally,

What happens when you don’t have the experience for what you want?

What happens when you don’t have the experience for what you want?

The other day I was thinking about what lead me down the path of entrepreneurship. After maxing out my growth in a couple different roles for a company in Chicago, I applied for a stretch position in strategic account management. It would be a new arena for me. One that would use my current skillset, […]


Who else wants to break free of this fallacy?

In philosophy there’s this thing called the is-ought fallacy. It boils down to this: Because something is or has been it ought to be. If you’re like me, you have to let that sink in for a minute. The is-ought fallacy is at work when we assume that because things are a certain way, they […]


What happens if you say change is “hard” and “difficult” dozens of times in 30 minutes?

I had coffee with a new acquaintance and she used the words “hard” and “difficult” at least three dozen times in a 30-minute period. I know because I started counting after the first few. Holding up a mirror Now, before you think I’m mean-spirited, I started counting because I wanted to give her constructive feedback. […]

Links worth clicking

Links worth clicking: From connecting the dots to picking your job title

On Fridays I share my favorite web finds of the week. Enjoy! Connecting the dots is one of 7 habits of innovation. Your launch meeting:  Fun vs. useful. Kick your job search into high gear. A few rules to live by. And then what? Lewis’ words on friendship take my breath away. Which life areas are […]

5 ways to ward off energy vampires

5 ways to ward off energy vampires

The other day I woke up in a fine mood. The sun was shining. I felt grateful for the day ahead and full roster of clients. I was looking forward to my favorite wood-fired pizza for lunch. Life was good. Then the battle for my energy began. The energy battle A friend called to complain about […]