How do you want to work, play, love and live?

How do you want to work, play, love and live?

I love asking people to describe their ideal day.

What time it starts. How they greet the day.  Their morning routine.

I love to hear about the adventure they would make of their day.  The work they would get lost in.  Their creative pursuits.  How they would contribute.  All the ways they would connect.

How their best self would show up to work, play, love and live.

Some hesitate when I ask. They need to give themselves space and permission to dream their ideal day.

Others say I don’t know or I’m not sure.

I don’t let them off the hook with not knowing.  I prod a little because that’s my way.

Because if they don’t know what their ideal day looks and feels like, who does?

It’s OK for the picture to take some time to come into focus. But it’s not OK to opt out.

Because imagining your ideal day really is a first step to making it happen.

What’s your ideal day? How would you feel?  What would you be doing?  How would you work, play, love and live?

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