Things I would put in the crusher

Things I would put in the crusher

If I could, I would put limiting beliefs in the crusher
I would put mine in
And I would put in yours too

Things like
I’m just no good at…
A person like me could never…
I should be…
I’m not creative enough…
I mustn’t because I might fail…

I would put them in, one by one
It would take awhile to fit them all
We wouldn’t even say goodbye

And after they had been crushed
They’d be so small we would wonder
How we ever let them get in the way

The Worst Boss I Ever Haad

The worst boss I ever had

She was a taskmaster. Never celebrated a single achievement. Always raised the bar higher with each success. Nothing was ever good enough. She set entirely unsustainable work hours. Frowned on vacations and believed weekends were time to get extra work done. The client was always right—even if it meant staying until the wee hours to […]


Do you ask for these 3 kinds of help?

I find myself asking for three kinds of help. And I’ve learned it’s useful if I’m clear ahead of time about what type of help I’m really after—and to make it clear to the person on the other end of my “ask”. Here are the three types of help I’m usually looking for. How do […]


It’s not the job market that will get in your way. It’s you.

I was talking to a great guy recently about his job search. He has an impressive resume of top jobs with organizations familiar to all of us. He’s smart, articulate, a master problem solver, and someone who doesn’t just say the words “team” and “collaboration”, but truly lives these concepts. His skillset is impressive, and […]


Get unstuck with these 3 easy questions

I love having tools at the ready in my toolkit. Sometimes the simplest tools are the best. They let you get in, get what you need, and get on with life. So here’s a tool I rely on to sift through mental clutter, gain insight into the crux of the matter, and then move forward. […]

Are you rehearsing the future and rehashing the past?

Are you rehearsing the future and rehashing the past?

I admit, I’m not always great about staying in the present. I know that’s what makes sense. The here and now is all we really have. But oh how enticing it is to rehash the past and rehearse the future. Especially that latter one for me. The future is a wonderful place. I love visioning, […]